Euro 2020: Xherdan Shaqiri scores two points while Switzerland beats Turkey

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Euro 2020: Xherdan Shaqiri scores two points while Switzerland beats Turkey

Lifebelt for Switzerland. More misery for Turkey.

Xherdan Shaqiri scored two goals on Sunday to give Switzerland a 3-1 victory over Turkey and possibly a place in the round of 16 of the European Championship.

Winger Stephen Zuber assisted on all three goals for Switzerland, with Harris Seferovic receiving the first and Shachiri scoring the next two.

Irfan Khan Kahveci scored for Turkey, the only goal the team managed to score at Euro 2020.

Switzerland finished third in Group A and will probably rank as one of the top four teams in third place. The Swiss will have to wait until the other groups finish confirming.

If Switzerland had scored two more goals, they would have overtaken Wales for second place in Group A and a guaranteed place in the next round. The Welsh lost to Italy 1-0 in Rome.

Boos echoed around the stadium at the end of the match when Turkey came out after losing all three of their matches. The team’s goal difference was minus 7, the worst since the European Championship expanded to a competition of 24 teams in 2016.

Seferovic put Switzerland ahead in the sixth minute and silenced what was briefly a noisy crowd. Under pressure from the Swiss defense, Zuber turned and played a pass for Seferovic, who dropped his shot low into the far bottom corner of the penalty area.

Zuber also took part in Shachiri’s second goal in the 26th. Seferovic pulled the Swiss defense to the left of the penalty area and played for Zuber, who found Shaqiri in the space created. The Liverpool winger had time to control the ball and twist it in the upper right corner, leaving no chance for the goalkeeper.

Kahveci brought Turkey back into the game with his own spectacular curved shot in the 62nd – and was immediately replaced.

This aroused the pro-Turkish crowd in Baku, but Shachiri soon broke away in a counterattack to restore the lead of two goals in the third assist of Zuber.

Swiss keeper Jan Somer supported his team from the front with four big saves in the first half, three shots from defender Mert Muldur. Sommer played two days after joining the team after a trip to Germany for the birth of his second child.



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