Euro 2020: Italy will impose a 5-day quarantine for England football fans

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Euro 2020: Italy will impose a 5-day quarantine for England football fans

Italy has warned England football fans that they should not count on being admitted to the Stadio Olimpico for the European Championship quarter-final match against Ukraine on Saturday, unless they can prove they have complied with a five-day quarantine after their arrival.

The warning, published on the website of the Italian embassy in the UK, clearly states that even if they have tickets, proof of vaccination and negative tests for COVID-19, fans must not “travel to Italy to attend the match”.

It was not immediately clear how Italy could enforce the warning, as authorities never controlled quarantine requirements during the coronavirus pandemic and did not accommodate visitors in quarantine hotels, as some other countries do.

Currently, Italian regulations require a five-day quarantine for anyone who has been in the UK for the past 14 days. The statement reiterated this requirement, but in a clear effort to dissuade people from coming or trying to get around it, it is assumed that fans will be controlled and prevented from entering the stadium, even if they have tickets.

“Only those who can prove that they arrived in Italy at least six days before, have observed five days of quarantine and have taken a post-quarantine Covid-19 test with a negative result, will be admitted to Stadio Olimpico,” it said. that even people who have legal exceptions to avoid quarantine, such as short business trips to Italy, will also not be allowed into the stadium.

Italy, where Europe broke out last year, has tamed the latest wave of infections and completely vaccinated nearly 35% of its population over the age of 12. Currently, the highly contagious version of the delta, prevalent in the UK, accounts for about 17% of new cases in Italy, but officials warn that it is likely to become dominant by August.



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