Euro 2020 German Chancellor Angela Merkel hopes UEFA will act “responsibly” on Wembley’s capacity

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Image source: AP

Wembley Stadium

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday that she hoped UEFA would act “responsibly” on the issue of organizing Euro 2020 matches in the UK, given the spread of the highly contagious delta variant of the coronavirus.

UEFA is discussing with the British government the possibility of increasing the attendance at Wembley Stadium to 65,000 for the semi-finals and the final of the European Championship. The government had already agreed to increase capacity to at least 40,000 for the last three matches of the Euro 2020 tournament.

Merkel said she supported the British government’s efforts to ensure compliance with the necessary hygiene rules at the site with a capacity of 90,000.

“I hope UEFA will deal with this responsibly and I don’t think it would be good for the stadiums there to be full,” she told reporters in Berlin.



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