English skipper Heather Knight thumbs up to multi-format series, calling India “very strong”

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Heather Knight of England

English women’s team captain Heather Knight said India would be “very strong” and “difficult to win” in its upcoming commitments at home as it kept its fingers crossed for the multi-format series based on points.

According to the multi-format system for the tour in India, which includes three ODIs and three T20Is after the one-off test, teams will receive four points for winning the test with two tie points and one no-score. The victory in the matches with a white ball will be worth two points.

“We always want to organize a show because we haven’t had fans there for so long. India is a very strong country and of course there will be a competition there and it will be difficult to win, so I guess this will hopefully be fun to watch,” he said. Kingt at

The one-off test against India, due June 16-19, marks the start of an important summer for Knight’s Ashes series, followed by the defense of the New Zealand World Cup.

“Starting against India, a very strong country, a team that has been really successful over the last few years and they will be a really big test for us,” she said.

“We have a huge year next year and the beginning of this development and putting the girls in the right place, putting the team in the right place and putting the right people in the right positions will be really clear in our preparation this summer is obviously entering next year.

“It’s no secret that this test is a huge part of our preparation the ashes Test the match away from home. “

As women rarely play test cricket, it looks like stepping into the unknown for both teams, especially India, which was last introduced in the traditional format in 2014.

“This is the first multi-format point system game we will play for this series in India. We will do as much as possible to win,” Knight said.

“Sometimes it’s complicated when you play Test Cricket, so rarely to know exactly what to do in this situation, we haven’t been put in these situations regularly, we don’t play cricket with a lot of inning in the country, we find our feet a little while walking.

“We will always take care if we can, if there is an opportunity to go out and win.”



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