England will not change its domestic IPL schedule: ECB Director Ashley Giles

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The England and Wales Cricket Council (ECB) will not change its home schedule for any reason, England Director Ashley Giles said on Thursday.

Giles’ comments come amid speculation that the Indian Cricket Board may request or unofficially ask the ECB to make changes to the upcoming series of tests between India and England in order to make a window to complete the postponed Indian Premier League (IPL).

“I’m not familiar with anything official, with requests to move anything. As far as we are concerned and what we are prepared for, the matches will be where they are,” Giles was quoted as saying by ESPNCricinfo.

“I’m not surprised that there is any speculation. Everyone wants to score cricket. But we haven’t received anything official and we are submitting,” he said.

A series of five tests against India, starting on August 4, sets a busy calendar for England for the second half of the year, which includes the T20 World Cup in India and the ashes.

“We have a full schedule. If we start from the end of the fifth test in September, we will travel to Bangladesh on September 19 or 20. We have a full schedule, including through Pakistan and anywhere in the T20 World Cup,” Giles said.

“We will have to give a break to some of these moments at some point. But the intention to give a break to boys, say, in Bangladesh, will not be for them to go and play cricket elsewhere. Schedule now, so our boys arrive in the best possible shape for the T20 World Cup and the ashes. “



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