England expects to bounce back from a tie, to move forward to Euro 2020

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Englishman Rahim Sterling with five thumbs up during the Group D match of the Euro 2020 football championship between England and Scotland at Wembley Stadium in London, Friday, June 18

A few days of considering why England had no longer advanced to the European Championship allowed Rahim Sterling to fully appreciate the team’s shortcomings.

How could stagnation be prevented in Scotland?

“With the ball we could show a little more individuality and dominate the game more with the ball,” said the England striker. “As a team, we need to know where to identify it and take control. We can’t be introduced to a game in a certain way when we want to use the ball a little better. “

Starting on Tuesday, when the team faces the Czech Republic in the Group D final.

“I feel there is a bit of an overreaction,” Sterling said. “I just feel more panic outside than inside the building. At the same time, players who have been to several tournaments and have a lot of experience are trying to help others. “

England can’t even blame an unfamiliar situation for being held 0-0 by Scotland on Friday after beating Croatia 1-0. All his group games are at Wembley Stadium.

There will be a return to their home stadium for the quarterfinals if England can win and displace the Czech Republic from first place. There will be a trip to Copenhagen if England stays in second place.

English coach Gareth Southgate is trying to relax his players by going through past records of successful teams in the group stage. Take Portugal, which drew all three matches at the start of Euro 2016 and then won the trophy.

“He always shows us the best possible scenarios, the worst possible scenarios – this is not the end of the world,” Stirling said. “He just shows us in previous tournaments that not every team that wins its first few games continues to win.

“Sometimes teams that have drawn their first two games continue to win, so we just have to stay motivated, be happy and enjoy our football.”

Sterling has not always been able to enjoy his football this season. The winger finished as a Premier League winner again with Manchester City, but with disappointments. He played in 31 of the 38 games and had to come off the bench in three of them, scoring 10 goals.

“Since I was a child, if I play football, I’m really happy,” said Stirling. “If I’m not, I’m not happy.”

Sterling has borne the brunt of criticism over the years, playing for England, especially when he went to Iceland for Euro 16 in 2016. The player who stands out for England’s fight against Scotland is Harry Kane.

Southgate have already confirmed that the winner of the Golden Shoe of the 2018 World Cup will not be eliminated for the match against the Czech Republic, although he did not score a goal in both games of Euro 2020 or did not get hit in the goal.

“We as a team, of course, need to produce more for him, more centering in the box,” Sterling said. “He’ll be the first person to be disappointed, but at the same time I know when Harry will be there, that’s for sure.”

The top ranking for Euro 2020 is headed by an expected name and a lesser-known striker. Joining Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo with three goals was Patrick Schick before the Czech striker’s trip to London.

“We know that England have great quality and top star players,” said Chic. “But in their first matches they didn’t create too many chances, maybe they fought a little in attack.

“But as a team, they will always be difficult to play. So we have to prepare as well as possible and of course we want to win, take three points and secure a qualification from this group.”

It was at Wembley that the Czechs were closest to adding to their European title in 1976, losing the Euro ’96 final to Germany. Having won their first match against Scotland, they have already achieved more than Euro 2016, when they failed to advance from the group stage.

Four points must be enough to be at least one of the top four teams in third place to qualify for the quarterfinals. England lags behind the Czechs by a goal difference. Scotland and Croatia meet in Hampden Park at the same time on Tuesday, both with one point each.



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