ENG v. IND Mayank Agarwal or KL Rahul? Wassim Jaffer chooses the opener of India in the absence of Schubman Gill

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Mayank Agarwal and KL Rahul

In a big blow to the chances of the Indian in English conditions, Shubman Gil he will probably miss the upcoming series of five tests against the hosts due to a shin injury. It is reported that the young man from Punjab can be removed at least two months after the injury worsened.

With the Gill opening for grabs, KL Rahul, Abhimanyu Iswaran and Hanuma Vihari have emerged as serious contenders to find the inning Rohit Sharma. However, former Indian cricketer Wassim Jaffer is feeling well Mayank Agarwal a nod should be given.

Mayank may have had a boring trip to Australia, but Jaffer believes the Karnataka boy will seize the opportunity in England. Agarwal dropped out for the third test against Australia as management decided to bring Gill to the top. Jaffer also said Rahul could be placed in the middle row.

“This will be a very big opportunity for Mayank Agarwal and KL Rahul, as Mayank is my first preference,” said Wasim Jaffer. “He has had an excellent career so far. He was eliminated after two bad trips to Australia, but I’m sure he will look forward to this opportunity,” Jaffer said on his YouTube channel.

“This is a very large series of five test matches that can make or break a cricket player’s career. I feel that KL Rahul can also fit somewhere in the middle row, if not as an opening tool,” added Jaffer.

Jaffer, the top scorer in cricket Ranji Trophy, also spoke about Gill’s injury and said it would be a “big” blow to the youngster, given the fact that a player is judged by his performance abroad.

“It’s going to be a big blow for India, as well as for Schubman Gill, because as a youngster you’re looking forward to this series to make a name for yourself. him to miss the first few games.

“This will be a very important series for India because we have not won a single series in England since 2007-08, although we are close. Although Schubman Gill’s injury will be a big blow, the players will strive to strengthen and deliver, “he added.



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