ENG v. IND: It will take a monumental effort from India to defeat England, Cook said

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It will take a “monumental effort” from India to outsmart England at home in the upcoming series of five tests such as Virat KohliThe men may suffer from “mental fatigue” at the end of a long tour, says former captain and opening Alastair Cook.

India is currently playing in the final of the World Cup against New Zealand in Southampton. He will be followed by the test series against England, starting on August 4.

“India has shown how good they are at the moment because they are in the final of the World Cup, but for five test matches in England England is difficult to beat at home and I expect a very tough battle,” Cook was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo.

“India would also be here for a long time, so he could get mentally tired by the end of the tour. India will start pretty well, but for five games in a row, winning over England at home is a monumental effort. So I think if England stays with India early, there is no reason they can’t win. “

England lost the away series to India 1-3 before suffering a 1-0 defeat against New Zealand earlier this month. Cook says Britain has been left to “chase its tail” over the last few tests due to an incorrect rotation policy that robbed the skipper Joe Koren the opportunity to play his best XI.

The new policy of rest and rotation following the COVID-19 pandemic has left many of the best players in England out of the squad in the last eight tests.

“You have to say it didn’t work for Ruthie, and I’m really sorry about that,” Cook said. “When you play for England or you are a captain, coach or coach, most of the time you are judged on the end results and he does not have the best players. You can’t buy the experience of Ben Stokes, Joss Butler,, Johnny Beirstov,, Mouen Ali – This type of players make a big difference. “

While injuries to key players such as the savage Joffre Archer and the universal Ben Stokes did not help, the problems for England were complicated by the vacations of Joss Butler, Johnny Beirstow, Chris Wakes, Moen Ali and Mark Wood.

“Decisions don’t seem to be made right,” said England’s all-time test tournament host Cook, who retired in 2018. “I’ve been on the other side where you’re trying to make decisions for the right reasons, but you’ll be judged. for your results, right?

“Everything went so well, winning test series at home, then Sri Lanka away and 1-0 against India. Then you rest and rotate players and from now on chase their tail a bit.”

Stokes, who had broken his finger during IPL, recently returned to action with a restriction on Durham and Cook said he would provide the much-needed balance to the country before the India series.

“It will be a better country with the players coming back against India,” said Cook, who has scored 12,472 tracks in 161 tests. They will obviously be better balanced, which I think is a huge problem for them and has forced some strange selections against New Zealand, like no spinner on a dry leash, “he said.

Cook, who led England in 59 tests before handing over the reins to Root in 2016, said that fortunately “he never had to captain during a pandemic”.

“… I didn’t even know what a pandemic was when I was captain, but you have a test captain who has failed to play his best side.”

Next England will take on India in a series of home tests and Cook warned against any drastic changes in the main lineup, including Dom Sibley, Zack Crowley, Olly Pope and Dan Lawrence



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