Earlier, 9 out of 10 young people wanted to be Collie, but now … ‘: Balaji emphasizes a big change in Indian cricket

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Earlier, 9 out of 10 young people wanted to be Kohli, but now .. ‘: Balaji stressed a big change in Indian cricket

In the last few years, Indian cricket has undergone an incredible transformation. Under the captaincy of They grow kohli, the Indian team was the dominant side of the test – thanks to an almost revolutionary change in the bowling attack of the country.

The broad focus on fitness has also helped the Indian team to be a dominant force in global cricket. As a result, India now boasts a richly talented range of players at all levels, which also allows for healthy rotation and a suitable break for cricketers.

Former Indian bowler Lakshmipati Balaji said that in the past, rotation was not a concept in the Indian team and second-choice players only got a chance when one team was injured.

“In previous eras, an injury to one allows for another. You played for India A with an exceptional first-class record. Some finished only as players from India “A”. You waited and waited for an opportunity until someone got injured, “Balaji said, as suggested by CricketNext.

“Today it’s about rotation. You have a wider circle, a lot of players are experiencing international cricket. They are also thriving in that. It’s about the right talent that gets the right opportunity at the right time at the peak of their careers. It’s not about that anymore. for early selection or after the premiere, “said the bowling coach at CSK.

“This is a big transformation of the current fast bowling harvest in India. Earlier, nine out of 10 young people wanted to become Virat Kohli or a Sachin Tendulkar or an MS Dhoni. Nowadays, they want to be like Jasprit bumrah, Mohd Shami or Zaheer Khan. “

Further highlighting India’s incredible progress as a fast bowling alley, Balaji gave the example of T Natarajan to be included in the test country during the Gaba match earlier this year and to help the country win, in the absence of any first pacemakers.

“The importance of fast bowling is determined by the pace of Bumra, Shami’s modern skill sets, Ishant Sharmahuge experience. Recently, T Natarajan has moved from a remote location in Tamil Nadu to an international cricket game, filling the void of a left-handed tailor. “All of this is a result of the evolution of fast bowlers, so India is able to accept 20 wickets in a row in the tests,” added Balaji.



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