Dinamo Zagreb coach leaves after serving prison sentence for tax evasion and fraud

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Zoran Mamic

Zoran Mamic resigned as Dinamo Zagreb coach after Croatia’s Supreme Court upheld his nearly five-year sentence for tax evasion and fraud, just days before the league champions played a Europa League match against Tottenham.

“Although I do not feel guilty, as I announced earlier, if the sentence is final, I accept it as such and resign as head coach and sports director of GNK Dynamo,” Mamic said in a statement late Monday. “I wish the club good luck and sporting success in its future work.”

Mamic has no more options to appeal and will have to go to jail after receiving formal notification of the court’s decision.

Mamic and his brother Zdravko, a former Dinamo Zagreb executive director, have been accused of embezzling the equivalent of $ 18 million from selling Dinamo Zagreb players to foreign clubs and evading $ 2 million in taxes.

The Mamic brothers were suspected of embezzling through fictitious deals made during transfers of several former Dynamo players to foreign clubs, including Luka Modric at Tottenham in 2008.

The Real Madrid midfielder, a former FIFA Player of the Year, was a key witness during the trial, testifying about his financial dealings with Mamics.

Zoran Mamic was sentenced to four years and eight months in prison. Zdravko Mamic, who was sentenced to six years and six months, fled to Bosnia shortly after a lower court handed down initial sentences in 2018.

Zdravko Mamic, a formerly influential figure in Croatian football, held a live media conference in Bosnia, denying any wrongdoing and saying that if he and his brother were convicted of tax evasion, then Modric and former Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren must be held accountable.

“If my brother and I have to return the money, then Lovren and Luka Modric must do the same,” he said, accusing them of not paying taxes in Croatia stemming from their transfers from Dinamo. “They are accomplices. The money is with them. “

The Supreme Court also upheld a three-year prison sentence for former Dinamo director Damir Varbanovic.

The club said Mamic would be replaced as coach by Damir Krnar.

Dynamo must host Tottenham on Thursday in the Europa League. Tottenham won the first match with 2: 0 last week.



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