Debate over the captaincy of the Virat Collie Test, unnecessary distraction but “impossible” to avoid: Kevin Petersen

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Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane

Former England batsman Kevin Petersen sees no threat to They grow kohliis a captain for the foreseeable future, but can understand the growing debate about this, with India losing four consecutive tests under his leadership.

During Collie’s captaincy, India lost two tests in New Zealand early last year, suffered a humiliating defeat in the series against Australia in Adelaide in December, before descending to England in the first match in Chennai earlier this week.

“I absolutely do not expect things to change, but it is impossible to avoid the ongoing debate over the captaincy of the Indian Test match,” Petersen wrote in his blog post for Betway.

“Virat Kohli has now lost four consecutive test matches as captain and is Adjinkya Rahanewhich has just led India to some victory in the series in Australia, in his country, “he added.

In the absence of Koli, vice-captain Rahane led a devastated Indian team to a glittering 2-1 victory in Australia. The unlikely victory in Australia sparked a debate over whether Collie should be replaced by Rahane as captain of India’s test.

However, the former England captain threw his weight behind Collie, saying he was fully capable of leading his country to victory.

“On social media, every radio station, every TV channel and every news channel, there are very deep discussions about what should happen.

The captain of your country is very difficult and unfortunately this is the nature of the beast. “Another distraction that Collie doesn’t need, but he is, of course, able to lead his country to victory in the second test to calm things down a bit,” Petersen said.

The 40-year-old also believes that the pressure will be on the veteran of English rhythm Stuart Broad to perform in the second test, after James Anderson made a match to win a match in the opening series.

“While Anderson has already conquered every country he has played in, the only thing Stuart Broad has not done is to perform in India. His record – 10 wickets in six games at an average of nearly 54 – is not at all impressive.

“Anderson and Broad have been hailed as an amazing partnership and, of course, they have been, but that’s the difference between the two,” Petersen said.

The broad, who rested for the first test as part of England’s rotation policy, is set to play in the second game, and Petersen believes this series is perhaps Pacer’s last chance to create a legacy in India.

“If Broad wants to be recognized worldwide as a bowling alley that delivers in all conditions, he is actually under a lot of pressure to take part in the second test.

“Not only does Anderson’s replacement in form on the team have its own requirements, but it will probably be his last chance to score in India. However, he is an experienced and wonderful bowler, so he has every chance.”



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