Croatian Shooting Federation thanks India for caring for COVID positive shooter Petar Gorsa

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Gorsa was one of two foreign shooters to take the COVID-19 test on the eve of the ISSF World Cup in New Delhi.

The Croatian Shooting Federation has thanked the Indian authorities for caring for their top scorer, Petar Gorsa, after passing a positive COVID-19 test ahead of the current ISSF World Championships here.

Gorsa was one of two foreign scorers who tested positive for a highly contagious virus on the eve of the combined World Cup, shattering his hopes of competing in the tournament.

The world’s No. 1 men’s 50-meter rifle 3, Gorsa is currently under 14-day quarantine.

“… Our best rifle shooter, Mr. Peter Gorsa, tested positive for the COVID-19 virus after landing in New Delhi. We were informed by our team that the organizer had provided support and dealt with all needs in this situation “, the Croatian Shooting Federation said in a statement signed by its Secretary General Susana Skoko.

“We would like to express our gratitude that we feel more secure when our athlete is so far from home.”

While thanking local organizers, Skoko also looked for reports that Gorsa had problems during his treatment for the virus. A report alleges that the 33-year-old man was charged $ 400 for health insurance after arriving at the hospital for treatment.

“We were aware of a certain article that appeared in the local newspapers about the treatment of Mr Gorsa, and we would like to point out that we confirmed with him that he did not make an official statement to any newspaper or take such a step.”

“Please accept our sincere apologies for any statement that may have been made publicly and that someone has used it incorrectly to post an article with such content.”

In a note, Gorza said he had been refunded.

“All sorts of things have been written about Peter Gorsa and the way he is treated by the NRAI / organizing committee here. This is nonsense in general,” said the National Riflemen’s Association of India.

Up to 294 shooters from 53 countries are taking part in the ongoing World Cup, the last major rifle and pistol shooter tournament before the Tokyo Olympics.



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