COVID cases in Tokyo at a six-month high before the Olympics

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Image source: AP

Tokyo is currently in its fourth state of emergency

Coronavirus infections in Tokyo rose to a six-month high, with the host city of the Olympics registering 1,832 new cases just two days before the Games opened.

Tokyo is currently in its fourth state of emergency, which will last until August 22, covering the entire duration of the Olympic Games, which begin on Friday and end on August 8. Fans are banned from all places in the Tokyo area.

President of the Japan Medical Association Toshio Nakagawa says the jump was expected regardless of the Olympics.

Experts say cases among younger, unvaccinated people are rising sharply as Japan’s powertrain loses steam due to supply insecurity. About 23% of Japanese are fully vaccinated.

On Wednesday, health experts warned that infections in Tokyo would only get worse in the coming weeks. Dr Norio Ohmagari, a member of the expert panel of the Tokyo metropolitan government, says the average daily cases in Tokyo could reach around 2,600 in two weeks if they continue at the current pace.

Japan has registered about 84,800 infections and more than 15,000 confirmed deaths since the start of the pandemic, most of them since the last wave in January.



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