Collie must be careful in what he says and does: Lloyd hits the Indian skipper for “disrespecting” the referees

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Citing Collie’s comments as an example, Lloyd said the referees were undermined by international cricket.

Former England cricketer David Lloyd has blamed They grow kohli of “pressure” during the ongoing tour of England in India. Calling for the Indian skipper’s behavior with the referees, Lloyd said Collie did not respect the referees throughout the tour.

Kohli recently criticized the controversial catch of David Malan, which led to the dismissal of Suryakumar Yadav in the fourth T20I between India and England.

Virat Kohli also suggested that England were pressuring the referees to give a “soft signal”, as when David Malan took a low catch in the fourth T20.First, the soft signal is available to leave as much authority as possible to the field referees.

“And I don’t know if England put pressure on Nitin Menon in Ahmedabad, but I do know one thing – Collie has been pushing, disrespecting and objecting to judges throughout this tour,” Lloyd wrote in his Daily Mail column.

Reacting to Suryakumar’s dismissal, Koli had said he could not understand why the field referee had to give a soft signal like OUTSIDE when the fielder himself was not sure if he had caught it or not. However, Lloyd believes that the Indian skipper did not take into account the consequences.

“Car seems to have ignored the consequences. If everything is exhausted, including when the ball just cuts the guarantees, then all tests will be completed in two days. The ODI will end in four hours.

“The arbitrators must be given back their power. They must be handed yellow and red cards to seal their lost credibility because they look powerless. And Collie, who has great responsibility and influence, must be very careful in what he says and does, “Lloyd wrote.

Citing Collie’s comments as an example, Lloyd said the referees were undermined by international cricket. “The referees are increasingly being undermined by international cricket and there are players who seem to think that they, not the officials, are in charge of the game.

“Take Virat Koli.” Prior to the first ODI, the Indian captain said that the referee’s summons should be removed from the decision review system and if the ball is found to hit any part of the stumps, it should be released. “



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