Chris Wood’s hat trick helps Burnley beat the Wolves 4-0 in the Premier League

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Image source: AP

Ashley Westwood of Burnley, left, celebrates her fourth goal during the English Premier League football match between Wolves and Burnley at Moline Stadium in Wolverhampton, England, Sunday, April 25

Chris Wood scored a hat-trick in the first half and set the other goal for Burnley to put Wolverhampton 4-0 in the Premier League on Sunday.

The New Zealand international opened the scoring for Moline in the 15th minute with a low shot in the far post from a difficult angle, six minutes before making 2-0 with a close finish.

Wood took advantage of a poor defense to score in his third goal a minute before halftime.

Wood set Ashley Westwood to finish the route with the remaining five minutes of normal time.

Burnley climbed farther from the relegation zone to 14th place, five points behind the Wolves’ 12th place.



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