Chetan Sakarya is preparing to take part in a limited series in Sri Lanka

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Chetan Sakarya

Left-handed rookie Chetan Sakaria says he did his job properly during the difficult quarantine period here and is preparing to go to the limited series against Sri Lanka on July 13th.

Indian players led by Shikhar Davan, began their quarantine on June 14 and will continue until June 28. However, their difficult quarantine period is over.

“Everyone is used to quarantine … it’s good to get out of quarantine and meet other players and everyone has done the job. I feel really good,” said Sakarya, 23, who won his first call-up in India. said

“When I left the room, I was constantly looking at myself, I felt well dressed in a T-shirt, but after I came to the gym, I started doing my normal workout,” said the Saurashtra pacer, who recently lost his father to COVID-19.

High-ranking Delhi striker Nitish Rana, who also received his first call-up to the national team, echoes similar sentiments.

“The first seven days were difficult for me, as I waited to meet my teammates and waited to put on the shirt. That time was a little difficult for me, because every hour felt like a year, “said the 27-year-old.

Rana is looking forward to more intense training with a new coach.

“The atmosphere here is good and I’m excited since the beginning of the show. With a new coach I learned and did something new.

“After seven days I trained intensively and I look forward to more intensive training,” said the left-hander.

Karnataka players Devdut Padikal and Krishnapa Gotham, who also won their first calls to the national team, also sounded pleased.

“Yes, it was great. Even in quarantine we tried to do as much as possible in our room, but here (training) is much better here in the gym and it is good to go out there and do a good session, “said Padikal, who is also a gorgeous batsman.

For his part, Gotham said it was good to train with his teammate from Karnataka.

“We play for Karnataka, so we know our strengths and weaknesses. Train with him again (Padical), which was fun, but he needs to take some more weight, so hope to get stronger, “Goutam said.

The young batsman from Maharashtra, Ruturaj Gaikwad, described his call to India as a moment of a dream come true.

“We’ve been waiting for this for so many years, the place where you want to be, you work hard for it, and when you find out you’re finally there, it’s obviously very nice,” said Gaikwad, who comes from Pune.

Tamil Nadu’s new sensational sensation Varun Chakravarti said the country’s performance is always a special feeling.

“Since there were a lot of experienced players on this tour, and training right next to them in the gym is a special feeling, this is definitely a dream come true for me,” said the bowling alley.

“I’m ready to go and if I have the chance, I’ll give my 100 percent.”

The Indian team, led by Shikhar Dhawan, will play three ODIs and as many T20Is against Sri Lanka in Colombo starting July 13th.



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