Champions League final: Rudiger is accused of dirty tactics for leaving de Bruyne with a bruised eye

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Kevin de Bruyn of Manchester City retreated after injuring his eyes in a clash with Chelsea, defending Antonio Rudiger in Porto on Saturday night.

Chelsea could only be proud of themselves for presenting what could be considered the best defensive broadcast of the season in their final victory in the Champions League against Manchester City in Porto on Saturday night.

Kai Haverz’s lone goal in the 42nd minute was all that made the paper difference for the country. However, the tactical genius of the German manager Thomas Tuchel was exposed on the field, who closed the store forever against the heavy 4-3-3 attacks of Pep Guardiola. City, to the horror of the fans, did not sniff the door all night.

However, a moment in the second half City fans were excited as Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger was accused of resorting to a rough game after his cynical block by Kevin De Bruyne equalized the star playmaker of Manchester City, forcing him to leave the Champions League final in tears.

They both fell to the floor after what looked like a violent collision, de Bruyne apparently suffering the most damage as his head seemed to connect with Rudiger’s shoulder.

The Man City skipper lay on the grass at the Estadio do Dragao for a few minutes as he was served, before slowly being helped to his feet with bruises that were already visible under his left eye and were soon to be removed.



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