Byrang Punia says “I’m fine” after a knee injury; the degree of damage, which is assessed after 48 hours

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Byrang Punia from India

Olympic wrestler Byrang Punia has assured that he has not suffered a serious injury, but the extent of the damage to his right knee will not be known until Monday, as the inflammation takes at least 48 hours.

Byrang injured his right knee on Friday night while competing in the semifinals of the Russian tournament – Ali Aliyev, against Abulmazhid Kudiev, a European silver medalist under 23.

Kudiev grabbed Byrang’s right leg and pulled him sharply during the first period of the match. The blow had an effect on Byrang’s right knee, and the lame gripper immediately lost the battle.

“I’m fine. This (injury) happens in sports,” Byrang told PTI in Kaspiysk in a brief statement when asked if it was a serious injury.

Until Byrang explained in detail about his injury, sources close to the elite fighter said it was a good sign that he could walk without help, but it would take at least two days to properly assess him.

“There is an injury. It is too early to comment at the moment. We will monitor it for the next 48 hours and see how it goes. It is too early to name structures. Let the inflammation subside slightly,” the source said.

Asked specifically whether this could be a rupture of the connection, the source said that only scans can confirm it, but they will not take the risk by starting this procedure.

“The scan is not done immediately. We don’t usually even test the structure before 48 hours. If there is a rupture and we try to test it, we can do more damage. So, we will wait and observe for a while,” the source added.

Experienced Delhi-based sports physiotherapist Anand Dubey, who travels with the national tennis teams – the Davis Cup and Bill Jean King Cup – explains why it was important to wait before the scan was done.

“Wrestlers usually suffer from sprains. If this is the case, it will heal after a day or two by regularly applying ice packs. In the case of tendon injury, the appearance of swelling takes 24 to 36 hours. .

“I saw the video of his match. It looks like a minor injury, you have nothing to worry about. It was a good decision for Byrang to lose the match to prevent a major injury,” he added.

Byrang, one of the brightest prospects for a medal in India, has been training in Russia since last month. He skipped the Polish Open, the last race in the standings before the Olympics, to compete with the world’s best wrestlers, who are now training in Russia before the Tokyo Games.



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