Brendan McCallum feared that the world title would again escape New Zealand

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Brendan McCallum feared that the world title would again escape New Zealand

Watching the WTC final with nervous trepidation, former skipper Brendan McCallum feared that the Blackcaps could come close again, but would not win a world title.

But McCallum’s joy knew no bounds when Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor led New Zealand to the finish line to be crowned the world’s first World Champion.

New Zealand handed India eight wicket defeats in the rain-hit final to lift the WTC’s opening mace in Southampton on Wednesday.

McCallum was excited that the country’s maiden title was in the traditional format.

“They’ve been on an incredible journey over the last few years and they were so close to a taste of ultimate success,” McCallum told SEN Radio.

“Doing it in the purist form of the game is just a pretty great thing. I’m not sure it’s still sunk to be honest.

“At night, the game was on the verge of a knife, but there was almost a feeling from the previous two World Cups that we would get closer, but we would not get very well,” he added.

After bowling from India for 170 in the second pass, New Zealand moved to the 139th goal on the back of unbeaten shots by captain Williamson (52) and experienced Ross Taylor (47).

“For them to be able to produce a result against time and a very scary Indian country and to be able to do it on the biggest stage, it is quite excellent.

“I’m sure in the coming days and weeks, and even years, we’ll look back on that moment and just be proud of what Kane’s people have been able to achieve and the heights they’ve been able to scale.”

The fact that the victory came against the heavyweight division of India makes the victory even more satisfying for McCallum.

“For a country with very limited resources, it’s pretty amazing, and what made it against the power of world cricket on the biggest stage is something that makes it even more satisfying.”



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