Bowling to Rohit is easier as he fights swingers, Virat is a little tougher: Mohammad Amir

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Mohammad Amir

Mohammad Amir it was great with the ball and not many could argue against the skill set of the former pakistan. Upon his return to the sport, Amir is expected to continue the legacy of the legendary Pakistani bowling force. However, according to fate, Amir decided to call it a day when he was only 28, finishing his career with 119 wickets from 36 tests, 81 wickets from 61 ODI and 59 scalps from 50 T20I.

Amir, who retired from international cricket last year, is currently residing in the UK and wants to obtain British citizenship in the future. Amir would be eligible to participate in the Indian Premier League (IPL) if he eventually acquires British citizenship.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, the left-handed tailor chose the toughest batsman to bow to. Amir chose the Australian star Steve Smith, saying that the technique of the right hand is very difficult.

“It’s the hardest thing for me to worship Steve Smith. Because his technique is very difficult. He stands at such an angle that you don’t know where to bow to him, “Amir said in an interview with Crickwick.

Remarkably, Smith also chose Amir as the most skillful bowler he has encountered in his career. In an Instagram question and answer session last year, Smith backed Amir.

Amir also claims that it is not difficult for him to fight against two modern stars of Indian cricket – They grow kohli and Rohit Sharma. Amir was Pakistan’s main pest in the 2017 Champions Trophy final. He rejected the top three places in India, including Rohit Sharma, Shikhar davan, and Virat Kohli, and let them whirl at 33/3 in the collision at the top.

“I like bowling in situations of pressure. In the same way I live to combine with the best batsmen in the world. Collie’s performances speak for themselves, we don’t need to say anything. He proved himself in every format.

“He showed why he called him King Collie. He also wins under pressure situations. I like bowling with him. The bowlers will continue to bring out the batsmen and it gives me great satisfaction knowing that people like the idea of ​​Collie and me squaring.” said Amir.

In fact, it’s easier for Amir to get back to Rohit, thanks to the Indian opener’s “fights” against swingers and early departures. “I didn’t find bowling hard on either. In fact, it’s easy for me to bow in front of him (Rohit). I feel like I can get him out in both directions. He’s fighting the left-handed swinger as well as the ball that he leaves early.

“I can say that I think Virat’s bowling is a little harder because he enjoys situations where he is under pressure, but otherwise it has never been difficult for me to bowling for both,” he explained. he.



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