Be yourself: Tip Suryakumar gave himself before the first blow in the colors of India

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Photo file of Suryakumar Yadav.

Indian and Mumbai Indian Batman Suryakumar Yadav, who made his international debut against England after a long wait on the sidelines, recalled being nervous on the important day, but a simple piece of advice to reassure him.

Be yourself, he recalled saying to himself that day.

Yadav made a lively 57 in his second T20 game in Ahmedabad after failing to fight in his debut match: “If you had seen correctly, I would have been very excited at the time. Besides, I was not happy at the time. Rohit (Sharma) he had escaped, but when I was going to fight, I was running, so that shows how excited I am, “the 30-year-old said in a video posted by the Mumbai Indians in his official Twitter post.

Yadav, who has now played three T20 games, said he remembers his achievements in third place as he emerged from the excavations.

“When I slipped and came to the dugout, I was nervous and it must be so, if you’re not nervous, how would you present yourself,” he said. “When I went inside, everything started flowing in my mind, what I did when I beat at three. I got my answer when I said to myself, ‘Don’t do anything different, do the same thing – be yourself, that’s it,'” clarified the stylish right batsman.

Yadav started this inning with a spoon shot six by the English beat Joffra Archer.

“… people are talking about the six, how did you feel on the first ball after your debut in India. We had to be a little calm and I knew what Archer did in IPL, how he finds it difficult with the tests.

“So, in the back of my mind, there was the thought that he (Archer) would take exactly that ball and it’s good that he took the same delivery,” added Yadav, who has now played 77 first-class games.



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