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Battlefield 2042 will use AI bots to fill matches of 128 players: Report

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Battlefield 2042 will use bots to fill its 128-player matches, Electronic Arts (EA) reported. The game was announced earlier this month with footage from the game’s engine showing the various multiplayer modes. EA says Battlefield 2042 will have the largest maps and scale to date, allowing up to 128 players in certain modes on PC, Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 consoles. Now it looks like not all 128 players will be actual players. Instead, the game will use bots to populate the server.

The unveiled trailer for Battlefield 2042, which came out a a few weeks ago showed some of the new mechanics that will be introduced in the franchise, along with the scale of the game. For the first time in Battlefield, Conquest and Breakthrough modes will include up to 128 players per computer, Xbox Series X,, Xbox S Series, and PlayStation 5 consoles. But it seems that not all 128 will always be real players. SHE informs The Verge that Battlefield 2042 will use AI bots to fill servers up to 128 members.

Of course, people will have priority, which means that if there are 128 players who can join a game in Battlefield 2042, there will be no bots. But it is likely that not all games have 128 players ready to join, and in such cases the remaining slots will be filled with AI bots. There can be up to 64 bots in a game, depending on the region, the platform and the number of human players available. EA also reports that players can try other modes that do not have bots if they prefer not to face players with AI in games.

This can be disappointing news for some players who would prefer to have fewer actual players instead of having a full server, but with some bots. The report quoted EA as saying, “AI usage will be adjusted as players enter data,” suggesting that AI bots will become smarter and more competent as more and more real players play the game. There is currently no option to disable bots and the company is expected to share more information about this soon.

The gameplay trailer for Battlefield 2042 was shown on June 13 and it showed pre-alpha gameplay footage in some of the maps highlighting land and air vehicles, weapon customization, tornadoes and more. The game is now pre-ordered and those who do will have access to the early open beta. It will be released on October 22 on PlayStation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox Oneand computer.

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