Bahrain Grand Prix: Louis Hamilton retains Max Verstappen to win F1 season opener

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Image source: AP

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen of the Netherlands drives his car, followed by Mercedes driver Luis Hamilton of Great Britain during the Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Bahrain International Track in Sahir, Bahrain, Sunday, March 28.

World champion Luis Hamilton has just detained Max Verstappen to win the opening season of the Bahrain Grand Prix and win his 96th Formula One victory in his career on Sunday.

The race was effectively decided when Verstappen overtook Hamilton, but went too wide on the turn and his team was told to return Hamilton’s position as he risked a penalty in time.

Verstappen still had a few laps to catch Hamilton, and he almost did, finishing just 74 seconds behind the Mercedes driver.

Hamilton’s teammate, Valteri Botas, took third place, but was well behind the previous two.

Verstappen took an excellent gender position on Saturday, the fourth of his career, and started just before Hamilton.

Verstappen got out clean and held Hamilton, while Charles Leclerc of Ferrari made a good lead over Botas, but lost that position after the safety car went on lap 1.

Fernando Alonso failed to finish the race on his return from F1 with Alpine.



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