Aus commentator Michael Slater leaves a bio-bubble from IPL 2021, lands in the Maldives: Report

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Photo file of Michael Slater.

Cricket commentator Michael Slater has left IPLand flew to the Maldives after Australia suspended flights from India until May 15 due to the unprecedented increase in COVID-19 cases there.

The Australian newspaper reported that Slater had fled to the Maldives after the government made it clear that Australians involved in the IPL would have to make their own return arrangements.

After reaching the Maldives, Slater launched a sharp Twitter attack against Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison for preventing his citizens from returning from India, calling the travel ban a “disgrace”.

“If our government cared about the safety of Australians, they would allow us to go home. It’s a disgrace !! Blood on your hands. Prime Minister. How dare you treat us this way. How about you sort it out?” “I had permission from the government to work on IPL, but now I have neglect from the government,” Slater tweeted.

Morrison said Slater’s comments were “absurd.”

“No, this is obviously absurd. It’s about safely picking up more people, preventing the third wave here in Australia,” Morrison told Nine Nets. “Each system will deal with its stress and I will not break it. What I will do is take proportionate action to protect the system so that I can take more Australians home and keep Australians safe for the longer term. . “

Australia has closed its borders and has not allowed any trade flights from India due to the massive influx of COVID-19 there. India currently records more than 3 cases a day and more than 3,000 deaths a day.

Threatening five years in prison or a hefty fine, the Australian government has temporarily banned its citizens from entering the country if they find themselves in India within 14 days of their expected arrival.

Three Australian players left the IPL before the travel ban took effect. Up to 14 Australian players competed in the IPL.



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