Asian Boxing Championship: Sakshi loses the final place in the review of the match

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Asian Boxing Championship: Sakshi loses the final place in the review of the match

Indian boxer Sakshi Chodhari (54kg) lost her final position in the Asian Championships after her rival, first-class Kazakh Dina Jolaman, successfully challenged the narrow victory that the two-time world youth champion had achieved in the last four stages.

Sakshi had won 3-2 in the regulations, but the decision was challenged by the Kazakh team and eventually overturned.

“Kazakhstan’s Dina Jolaman defeated India’s Sakshi Chodari in the women’s best (54kg) category,” the Asian Boxing Confederation said.

Jolaman was announced the winner in the official results sheet, which came out at the end of the day’s procedure late Thursday night.

“The Kazakh team sought a review of the third round, which they said should have been noted in favor of their boxer. In the review, the jury considered their statement to be correct and overturned the initial verdict,” said a source from the Indian contingent PTI.

The match review system was introduced by the International Boxing Association (AIBA) in 2019.

The manager of the team or the head coach of the losing boxer receives 15 minutes after the announcement of the decision to file his protest and fill in the documents for him within the next 30 minutes.

Decisions with grades 5-0 or 4-1 are not subject to review under this system.

Each team is entitled to two unsuccessful reviews.

“If the Technical Delegate decides, after consultation with the Jury Review Review, that the protest should be allowed to continue, the Match will be considered by the Jury – Observer, Judge’s Evaluator and Judge’s Evaluator,” AIBA said.

In the event of a protest claiming that the AIBA technical rule was violated by the referee, the injured team must indicate the violation, the circle in which it is alleged to have occurred and how it affected the final result.

The decision of the jury must be unanimous and will be final.

This reduced the presence of Indian boxers in the finals to four.

Six-time world champion MC Mary Kom (51kg), Lalbuatsaihi (64kg), Pooja Rani (75kg) and Anupama (+81kg) advanced to the finals after winning their matches on Thursday.

Of these, Pooja received a change after her opponent withdrew.



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