Archery Stage 1: Atanu, Deepika make individual semi-finished products, India in the hunt for five medals

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Archery Stage 1: Atanu, Deepika make individual semi-finished products, India in the hunt for five medals

The country’s best archery pair, Atanu Das and Deepika Kumari, battled strong winds to rush into their respective semi-finals in the reversal section, while India continued to make giant strides in World Cup stage 1 here.

Returning to the World Cup almost two years later, Das and Deepika, who married last year, also paired up to qualify for the bronze playoffs in Thursday’s recurring mixed event to keep India on the hunt for five medals.

Opposing the strong winds in the Los Arcos sports complex here, Deepika, who ranked No. 3, showed an incredible shot against the German shooter Michel Cropen in straight sets.

The former number one in the world broke volleys of 29, 30 and 30 points. While the rest of the field struggled with the breeze, Deepika fired quickly and confidently on his way to an easy victory.

“I had too many thoughts in my mind and all I wanted to do was concentrate, focus and control my mind. I know I can do better. My first game was not so good and I feel like I’m not giving everything away, “she said.

“I still feel so nervous, but also good. I’m happy because I’m finally competing. We’ve been waiting a year and a half for this and we’re finally here,” she added.

The world number nine, who is the highest remaining in the draw, will face Alejandra Valencia of Mexico in her quest for a gold medal on Sunday.

The only scorer to qualify for the Olympics so far, Deepika won two World Cup stages – once in Antalya, Turkey in 2012 and the other in Salt Lake City, USA in 2018, in addition to making the podium three times. Cup finals.

Earlier, Deepika defeated Kelsey Lard of the United States 6-0 in the second round and defeated silver medalist from the Olympic Games in London Aida Roman of Mexico in the shot with 6: 5 (10: 9).

Dass, meanwhile, was a bit unlucky in the quarterfinals as his Candian rival Eric Peters had a pass in the final set as the Indian increased 6-4 to stay in line for his first individual podium.

His previous best result was finishing fourth in Antalya in 2016.

He will face Alvardo in his first match on Sunday for a chance to compete for gold.

Das, who advanced straight to the round of 16 after finishing second in the standings, defeated Oscar Tikas of El Salvador 6-4 first before replacing teammate Pravin Yadhav with an identical result to make the final four.

“I feel good because everyone was wondering when the international competition would start. It started and it’s a good start for me. I’m working on myself, on my mental side, and I think it helps me a lot to perform well,” Das said.

Seated in second place in the mixed doubles combination, the Das and Deepika duo beat Spain in straight sets to make the semifinals, but only to lose to Mexico on penalties after the score was 4-4.

They will face leading American duos Brady Ellison and Casey Kaufhold in the bronze playoffs on Sunday.

Ankita Bakat was crushed in the recurring quarterfinal as the second Indian of the seed lost to Alejandra 6-2.

India also continues to seek medals in men’s and women’s team competitions after qualifying for the quarterfinals in both.

India is playing in the World Cup for the first time since its appearance in Stage 4 in Berlin in July 2019.



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