Android 12 will have the same app sharing menu: Report

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Google has streamlined the way users share links, images and videos in Android 12 apps by restricting third-party apps to replace the native Android Sharesheet, according to a report. Android Sharesheet is a pop-up menu that appears at the bottom of the screen to allow users to share information (links, images, videos, memes) through a number of applications installed on a smartphone. The Android Sharesheet user interface varies from app to app. The report says this is because Google has not yet applied a user interface sequence to Sharesheet.

Android 11 users can get many different sharing menus between apps. Those who want the same sharing menu in all apps can install third-party apps like Sharedr to completely bypass the Android Sharesheet user interface. But Android 12 will have a consistent sharing menu between apps, which also means that third-party apps like Sharedr will not be allowed to replace the Android Sharesheet user interface, according to report from XDADevelopers. The report says that the Android 12 system does not show a prompt to choose between Sharedr and Android Sharesheet and open the Android Sharesheet by default, which suggests this Google does not allow third-party applications on Android 12 to override the default Sharesheet.

At the annual I / O conference of developers, the company announced a series of changes that will debut with Android 12. The upcoming version of the OS will bring a significant refresh of the user interface, which will have an interface that can be customized with a custom color palette and new widgets that can be resized with much more great flexibility. The interface will also include fluid movement and new animations. These changes are based on Material You, a new design language that is an upgrade of the existing Material Design.

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