All South African captains are concerned about a possible suspension by the ICC

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All three captains of Proteas’ squads have signed a joint statement expressing serious concern about the possible suspension of South Africa by the ICC due to the current crisis of governance in Cricket South Africa (CSA). The players said that if the current stalemate is not resolved soon, South Africa may fail to take part in the ICC T20 World Cup, which will be held in India in October-November.

“At a time when we need to be enthusiastic about the future, we need to worry about the future (of the game),” they said. “The Men’s Proteas team has an ICC World T20 event in November. The current state of cricket management undermines our training in this regard. This could even lead to exclusion from this event if the ICC decides to end South Africa. ”

The stalemate between the CSA Council of Members (MC) and its Interim Council (IB), which was expected to be resolved at a special general meeting (SGM) on Saturday, ended in a secret ballot by the MC, which refused to accept long-standing proposals for amendments to its Memorandum of Association (MOI) to allow for an independent majority council and an independent chair.

Currently, Sports Minister Nati Mteuwa has indicated that he will intervene in the fight against the crisis, which has been going on for 18 months, during which time almost all top managers and the CSA Board have either resigned or been fired.

“Government intervention in the sport will have dire consequences and the captains believe that this could lead to the suspension of South Africa by the ICC. The right to represent South Africa could be revoked and the ICC could stop Cricket South Africa. These results, in turn, will affect tours, broadcasting rights and sponsorship deals. In the end, the financial viability of the game will suffer and cricket at all levels will be seriously affected, “said the players.

“The Council of Members is now acting against the wishes of the Minister, Nicholson’s recommendations, King IV’s governing principles and best international practices – how can this be in the best interests of our game?” The statement asked.

The crisis was exacerbated when, despite the initial decision that other participants in Saturday’s virtual meeting, including the media, would only have observer status, the chairman allowed SASCOC acting chairman Barry Hendrix to address the meeting.

Hendrix advised the meeting not to accept the IOC, as he said it should first be sanctioned by SASCOC as the parent body for all sports in the country.

He also issued a veiled threat that the CSA would otherwise lose its national colors and that the participation of the Proteas women’s team, which qualifies for the British Community Games, could be jeopardized.

CSA IB President Dr. Stavros Nicolau expressed his great disappointment after the meeting.



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