After Tendulkar and Yusuf, Irfan Patan tested positive for COVID-19

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Irfan Patan

Former multi-role Indian player Irfan Patton was positive for COVID-19 on Monday. Irfan, who played in the World Road Safety Series, was recently in Raipur.

“I tested positive for COVID-19 without symptoms and isolated myself and quarantined them at home. I would ask those who have been in contact with me in the recent past to ask for testing,” Irfan wrote on Twitter.

“I urge everyone to wear masks and maintain social distance. With a wish for health.”

Earlier on Saturday, Irfan Yusuf’s older brother also tested positive for COVID-19. After returning from Raipur, members of the Indian Legends team – Sachin Tendulkar, S Badrinath and Yusuf – were positive.

In the final of the World Road Safety Series, Yuvraj Singh had broken four sixes and four limits in his 41-ball 60, while Indian legends defeated Sri Lanka to win the title. Yusuf was also involved, smashing 62 of only 36 deliveries and directing the Indian side to a solid 181 runs.

“Today I have a positive test for COVID-19 with mild symptoms. After confirmation I was quarantined at home and took all necessary precautions and necessary medicines. I would ask those who came in contact with me to be tested at the earliest “Yusuf wrote on Twitter a few days ago.

India Legends captain Sachin Tendulkar also revealed that he also tested positive for COVID-19 and is in quarantine at home.

“I tested myself and took all the recommended precautions to ensure that Covid did not stay away. Today, however, I tested positive after mild symptoms.

“Everyone else at home has a negative test. I quarantined at home and followed all the protocols as recommended by my doctors. I want to thank all the health professionals who support me, as well as many others across the country. Take care of all of you.” he tweeted.



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