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A Windows 11 launch event is taking place today: How to watch live

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Windows 11 will launch today (Thursday, June 24). Microsoft is hosting a stream of the next generation Windows event, where it is expected to present the new Windows operating system. The next update to Windows will be the successor to Windows 10, which was released in 2015. The recently expired ISO revealed that Windows 11 will come with a completely new interface and animation effects. There will be an upgraded Start menu, which by default comes in the lower center of the screen. Windows 11 is also expected to appear as a free upgrade to Windows 10. Before the official announcement, here is everything you need for the Windows 11 event.

Windows 11 startup time, live stream details

Microsoft is the host of Windows 11 starting event today at 11:00 ET (20:30 IST). It will be broadcast live online and you can watch it live from special web page for windows event.

Windows 11 features (expected)

Microsoft has not yet publicly confirmed the name of Windows 11, but the company has been annoying its “new version of Windows” for the past few days. The official invitation offered the nickname, showing a shadow window that has an outline depicting the number 11. Microsoft recently released video title with the start sound of the new version of Windows. This video is 11 minutes long, which shows the startup of Windows 11. Besides the ISO that was expired online proposed the nomenclature of Windows 11 as a successor to Windows 10.

In terms of features, the expired build suggests that Windows 11 will come with a redesign that will start from the home screen and continue on the desktop. There will also be a new centrally located Start menu. The overall interface will look quite similar to Windows 10X that Microsoft introduced for dual screen devices in 2019 and terminated a little earlier this year.

In addition to the new interface level changes, Windows 11 seems to have new sounds. There will also be an improved multitasking experience with new split view options. In addition, Windows 11 seems to come with an upgrade Microsoft Store.

Windows 11 is expected to be available to Windows 10 users shortly after the announcement. However, a recent report suggests that the new version of Windows may also be available as free upgrade to windows 7 and windows 8 users.

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