A Spanish court has banned UEFA and FIFA from acting against the Super League

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Image source: AP

Two women walk past a Real Madrid poster of the team celebrating at a merchandising store in Madrid, Spain, Monday, April 19

On Tuesday, a Spanish referee issued a preliminary ruling suspending FIFA and UEFA to take immediate action or make statements against the Super League.

The Madrid Commercial Court ruling says football authorities are refraining from “directly or indirectly” obstructing the creation of the Super League.

The decision, made at the request of the Super League, says FIFA, UEFA and its members – including federations, clubs and national leagues – cannot threaten or sanction players and teams in the new competition.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez will chair the controversial breakaway league, which has 11 other founding teams, including Spanish clubs Barcelona and Atletico Madrid.

The new competition has drawn widespread criticism in the football world and UEFA has threatened to ban players from participating teams from playing in next year’s European Championship and World Cup.



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