A policy of rest and rotation behind the loss of England to New Zealand: Cook

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File a photo of Joe Ruth shaking hands with New Zealand skipper Tom Latham during the second test.

Former England and ODI captain Alastair Cook is frustrated with the English and Wales Cricket Council’s (ECB) rest and rotation policy and believes this is the main reason for the team’s 0-1 loss to New Zealand recently in a two-game series. test.

A veteran of 161 tests and 92 ODIs, Cook added that he sympathized with his successor, Joe Koren, who did not receive his choice of players in each of England’s last eight tests, dating back to the Sri Lanka tour in January.

“Obviously it was disappointing. England got into a difficult situation. Everything went so well, winning in Sri Lanka and then 1-0 against India. To rest and alternate players, from now on” we finally chased our tail “Finally with the fifth choice of goalkeeper (James Bracey), an unbalanced side, even though people played the (T20) Blast,” Cook said.

While universal Ben Stokes and rhythm bowling Joffre Archer were injured and unavailable for the test series against New Zealand, several key players were not on the England team due to the ECB’s policy of rest and rotation.

In addition, top cricketers in England like Johnny Beirstov, Sam Quran, Mouen Ali and Chris Wax, who played in the Indian Premier League (IPL) were not part of the Joe Koren-led country during the two New Zealand tests.

“You have a test captain (Joe Ruth) who has failed to play his best side, but we seem to be playing full force in the T20 against Sri Lanka (June 23-26, 2021). Decisions do not seem to be made correctly. Of course, they try their best to make the right decisions for the right reasons, but when you play for England, most of you value time, so you’ll have to say it didn’t work, “Cook told ESPNcricinfo. .

“I’m really sorry about Joe Ruth because he didn’t have his best players. You can’t buy this experience from guys like Ben Stokes, Joss Butler, Johnny Beirstow, Mouen Ali. This type of player makes a big difference.

“When you look at it in isolation, it doesn’t make much sense what happened, but how they got there, you can find out half. It was hard and they just found out against a better team in this New Zealand series.”



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