A feature of Google Chrome 90 that allows you to create links to web page tabs

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Google is planning to launch a new feature for its extension – Chrome 90, which will allow users to create a link to a section of a website, which they highlighted earlier.

According to reports, first launched as a browser extension titled “Link to Text” snippet last year Google has already added the feature to Chrome myself.

However, this feature is offered to some users as an experiment.

According to a blog post from Google Product Manager Casey Hawkins, you need to follow the steps below to update the new feature:

“Visit a webpage, highlight the text you want to link to, right-click and select” copy link to tag “. A URL will be generated ending in a pound sign, which you can then When they open the link, they will be sent to the specific highlighted section instead of at the top of the page. “

The search engine giant had developed that the “highlight link link” feature was now available on Android desktops and devices for some users. However, the feature will soon be available for iOS users, according to the company.

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